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Focus Plus launched on the 5th of May 2015 the most dynamic strategic thinking training programme for middle and top management 

We know how preoccupied you are of developing the essential managerial competencies that are asked for important positions in your company, and how important it is to ensure the existence of a common language, of a coherent and consistent manner to communicate between leaders and teams. 

“REACH-StrategicThinking” is a programme meant to help team members discover the problem or the opportunity of a given situation by successively going through several analysis and collective decision-making stages. REACH is a 3 day programme, for the top managers, at which managers from organizations with a culture that is oriented towards promoting the entrepreneurial spirit can take part. If you are looking after making the decision-making processes more efficient and to implement a modern, relevant and efficient manner of communication, then  REACH is for your team.

The official launching event for the “REACH-Strategic Thinking” programme took place at Hotel Caro, Eminescu Room, on the 5th of May 2015 , between 12:30 – 15:00.

Download the PDF file .

REACH is addressed to those who wish to lead their business in a balanced and structured manner, according to tangible evidence;  resources, clients, environment, competition, making good use of their own strengths and identifying opportunities. 

The creator of this model, Robert McNamara who was also the President of FORD Corporation, The USA Minister of Defense and President of the World Bank, applied this programme first with a military purpose and only afterwards found its utility in civil life. Tens of leader companies are obtaining their business success today by having used the REACH  model. 

Sorin BLAGA, Marketing & Communication Vice President Rompetrol, said: “REACH represents an excellent instrument for any organization and it stimulates creativity and performance. It is presented under the shape of an iterative and logical process, which addresses in a very efficient manner both critical problems, as well as the new oportunities due to creative solutions.” 

Used in successful organization around the world, the REACH model helps members of multidisciplinary teams to organize themselves and to efficiently analyze huge volumes of information, to structure it logically and to take the corresponding courses of action in order to address a problem or an opportunity with utmost efficiency. The programme uses as a main vehicle real study cases, INSEAD accredited, that are also utilized in training and educating MBA students.