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  • Emotional intelligence

       The programme is 100% formed of practical sessions, being a combination of games, exercises, role-play and experiential learning; these cover the next topics: the 4 elements of Emotional Intelligence; […]

  • Distribution system management

    Logistics and distribution: definition and objectives; components Distributors = a route towards consumers: direct vs. indirect distribution Distribution excellency: roles and challenges for the manufacturer and distributors; selecting and evaluating the […]

  • Decision-making techniques

    activity – standard – restriction analysis; force field analysis; decision matrix; SWOT analysis; decision tree analysis; benefits versus costs analysis; the six thinking hats; decision primed recognition model; mental simulation.

  • Problem solving and conflict resolution

    causes and effects of conflicts within organizations; types of conflicts; aspects that may indicate conflicts arising; the cycle of a conflict; conflict management model; 8 step technique for solving conflicts; […]

  • Marketing course

    the role and importance of marketing; key marketing activities; marketing mix; the brand; brand vs. product; brand building principles; the brand key elements; brand analysis; brand value; life cycle; brand […]

  • Train the trainers

    Structure of the “Train the Trainers” module sources of the training needs; analysis of training needs; evaluation of the situations in which the individual requires training; how does the individual […]

  • Negotiation skills

    Structure of the Negotiation skills module the negotiation process: definition & conditional agreement; philosophy & basics of negotiation; the 4 laws preparing for negotiation: analysis of the conditions in which the negotiation […]

  • Use of personal time and organization

    pro-active and reactive tasks; time matrix; setting priorities; factors controlling the time; the three tests of time; personal planning and work analysis: planning instruments; the initiative; the stress and its […]

  • Selection and recruitment

    planning and organizing a selection process; Job Description analysis; applicant’s profile; preparing the first interview; the interview: evaluation of experience and skills; behavioral analysis; contrary evidence method; preparing and conducting […]

  • Quality services to customers

    clients’ expectations; orientation towards quality services; continuous improvement of the level of services;  approaching clients’ complaints;  client relationship management.

  • Communication and influence

    the definition of the communication process and its key elements; active listening; body language; communication barriers; perception problems; communication principles; factors that facilitate the communication process; communication behaviors; telephone communication; […]

  • Motivation and Leadership

    Structure of the “Motivation and Leadership” module the management process: planning, organization and control; management efficiency;  motivating people: link between motivation and leadership; motivation theories: X – Y, Herzberg, Maslow, […]

  • Selling Techniques

    The structure of the Selling Techniques module Planning and organizing a meeting with the client: client’s life cycle; establishing objectives; planning long-term cooperation; Initiating discussion with the client; Assessment of […]