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Dan Sbarcea

   Dan has fully dedicated himself in the past few years to an extremely dynamic and pretentious field, which is the one of solutions of display and promotion of products at sales points. 

   Dan has earned a very well deserved reputation in this field for the way in which, together with our specialists and partners at ERGO Sp z.o.o from Poland, is exploring and identifying the most adequate solutions for each product and for each distribution channel and for the manner in which he combines their exigent demands with the most creative and impactful technical solutions.

   Our role, Dan says, is to bring every project from the idea stage to an implementable solution, going through the most performant filters of project management. Among the companies with which we have developed common projects, we are glad to mention: Exxon Mobil Petroleum BBVA, Michelin Romania, Coty Cosmetics Romania, Wrigley’s, Heineken Romania, Alexandrion Grup Romania, Deutek, etc.




Dan Sbarcea
Senior Trainer
Business Associate Focus Plus