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Florin Vladica


Dr. Florin Vladica is a self – starter with more than twenty years of experience in business practice, executive management and corporate training.  He has taken his set of skills, knowledge and education, and a natural ability to interact with people from different cultures, to build a successful career in strategic marketing and sales. 


The track of successes, while employed by Philip Morris, includes courses delivered in Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia.  He was Project Manager for sales information systems, nationwide retail census in Romania, and for L&M American Cinema and Marlboro Music Tour.  Florin provided quality services and quickly gained client’s confidence, serving major brands such as Marlboro, Chesterfield, L&M, Ballantines, Lafarge, Jim Beam, Wuerth, Lafarge, Lysol and Calgon. 


As management consultant and sales trainer, Florin provided relevant knowledge and expertise to a range of projects: regarding efforts to maximize return from marketing and sales efforts at the point of sale in the Balkans for large FMCGs; regarding key initiatives to build effective sales teams and activities in Iraq, Jordan, Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, China and Canada, for the largest producer of cement in the world; regarding the development of a comprehensive e-learning package for small business owners in New Brunswick, Canada; and regarding how can small and big organizations use the Internet and information systems to collect, structure, analyze, and disseminate sales and market data.  


More specifically, Florin is the one-stop-shop whether one needs help with assessing training opportunities, with choosing the best people for the team, for customizing a training program for managers and front end employees, and for enhancing sales force with a sales information system.  All in all, Florin has rolled up his sleeves and gotten his hands dirty by doing the job in the field.  He knows that businesses want an expert who understands people and technology, someone who can motivate teams to learn and grow, and whom they can relate to and respect.


On the academic side, Dr. Florin Vladica holds a PhD in Communication, an engineering degree in radio navigation, an MBA in e-business and an Executive MBA from Universities in Canada, United States and Romania.  Florin also completed professional development courses in leadership, teambuilding, key accounts, negotiation, and marketing effectiveness.  Furthermore, he published as first author and co-authored scientific papers about opportunities for business innovation and development of new media practices in creative industries: public broadcasting, documentary film, interactive entertainment, children programming.  He presented in Vienna, Vancouver, Lisbon, Bogota, Akron, and Barcelona at conferences related to media management, mass communication, or business innovation.  He taught in Canada,  Dubai, Qatar and in the UK.


Florin conducts business in English and Romanian, can entertain conversations in French, holds dual citizenship Canadian and Romanian.