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Iulian Chihaia

Iulian worked for Philip Morris for 15 years (from November 1992 to September 2007) and the last 11 years were spent working in the field of training and organization development. He coordinated the creation and delivery of the training programs for his colleagues from the Sales & Marketing department, as well as for the Sales Force of distributors throughout the country. As for organization development, Iulian was involved in a large number of selection and recruitment projects, assessment and development centers and programs for the development of the talents within the organization. Over the period of 15 years, Iulian held various positions within the organization: Merchandiser, Merchandising Supervisor, Regional Trainer, National Training Supervisor, Sales Organization Development Manager.

A particular experience for Iulian was represented by the period spent in Croatia, where he was part of the Sales Management PM team responsible for the creation of the Sales and Marketing Organization in Croatia & Bosnia and Herzegovina.




Iulian Chihaia

Senior Trainer / Consultant

Managing Partner Focus Plus



Advanced Selling Skills, June 1994, Bucharest;

Management and Supervisory Skills, November 1995, Bucharest;

Train the Trainer, September 1996, Bucharest;

Trainer Skills, June 1998, Budapest;

Train of Trainers, September 2000, Bucharest;

Coaching Skills, October 2000, Bucharest;

Influencing and Advanced Negotiating Skills, June 2002, Bucharest;

Master Trainer Program, February 2003, Ferney-Voltaire, France.


Building Training Programs, September 2000, Geneva;

Coaching Techniques, March 2001, La Valleta, Malta ;

Recruitment Based on Competence, April 2003, Geneva;

Assessment of Training Program Efficiency, October 2004, Geneva;

Methods for Developing the Sales Organization, June 2005, Rome;

Techniques and Programs for the Development of the Individual, June 2006, Lausanne.

EDUCATION: 1987 – 1992 Faculty of Machine Building Technology, Iasi.