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Roman Tanasiciuc

   Roman has an almost 20 years experience in sales, out of which the last 11 years have been exclusively dedicated to training activities. The project from Altex, Efes Romania, Philip Morris International and SAB Miller represent an important business card, where Roman took part to the building of educational programmes for the sales and trade marketing teams as a Coordonator programe training. As an HR Manager, one of the important project he worked at was « the learning path » – the multilevel, multianual programme for the sales and marketing departments of SAB Miller (URSUS). 

   Roman has focused his activity towards developing and implementing personalized training programmes, with a focus on developing human resources. Among the important clients he has worked with, there are BCR, Codecs, INA Schaeffler, Sika Romania, Pernod Ricard Romania, Ropharma,  ANSIT, AIESEC, ISS Romania, Casa Auto Brasov.

   Emotional intelligence is widely used during his sessions, so that the participants can benefit from the perfect mix between theory and practice. The learning experience is unique, offering every time surprising results.

   Roman integrates coaching during the on-the-job training sessions, so that the people he is working with can find their personal path to achieving the objectives.

   He obtained the certification in client management relationship MBA OU London in 2008. He finished the coaching programme of International Coaching Academy ICATM and he is an international trainer POINTS OF YOUTM. Now he is studying marketing and business communication at the Master’s programme of „Vasile Alecsandri” University in Bacau.